About us

Every year more than ten thousand patients come to the Center of Eye Microsurgery.

Every year we see thousands of happy looks after defeating of serious ophthalmological diseases: cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment and diabetic retinopathy…

We see the light of joy, when after blepharoplasty our patients look at the mirror and they like their own reflection.

We work using one of the best equipment in Ukraine!

It’s Verion system, innovating device of the American company Alcon. It is used by leading ophthalmology clinics all over the world. The main advantage of this device – its excessive effectiveness in cataract surgery.

At first, using the Verion reference unit the patient is conducted quality examination, and it is chosen the intraocular lens that will be ideal to his/her anatomic and individual eye features. According to this information, it is programmed the surgical plan. Thus, the surgeon receives a precise surgery plan – projecting net, which he sees in the microscope eyepiece during the surgery for high-precision cuts and positioning of the eye lens. Such approach allows to return 100% vision to patients.

Navigation of Verion system we use at work with another one modern device – system Centurion. It is a unique catarrhal machine, whose intellect controls every step of surgery. Centurion automatically maintains ocular tension during the surgery.

For patient it means fundamentally new security level and minimal risk of complications. For doctor – possibility to concentrate on achieving of high overall result!

There is only one reason to regain eyesight, but you have at least five reasons to come to the Center of Eye Microsurgery in Ternopil University Hospital.


  • Successful practical experience
  • Professional team
  • Modern equipment
  • Comfort
  • Quality treatment available to everyone

We are happy to be the first you make eye contact with, when you see again this world clearly …

We are a team of young doctors, who are sincerely inspired by their lifework, successful specialists, who had practice in foreign hospitals of Poland, Germany, Spain…